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The Trojan Women

Montford Park Players, 2020

Filmed at the Hazel Robinson Amphitheatre and Lake Julian Park

Director: Hannah Williams

Cinematographer: Noah Summers

Costume, Prop, and Effects Design: Hannah Williams and Noah Summers

Production Photos: Noah Summers and Hannah Williams

Euripides' famous tragedy follows the fate of the women of Troy following the war between the invading Greek armies and the people of the city. Led by Hecuba, Andromache, and Cassandra, the band of women face a bleak future. Using a traditional Green chorus, the women lament their losses and wonder what will become of them under this new, tyrannical rule. Their homeland is burning and they must prepare for new lives as slaves.

- Stage Agent

From Hannah: This was my "pandemic show." The contract was signed, callbacks were through, I was about to send out offers...and the world shut down. While we were still unsure what was safe or wasn't, guidelines at the time suggested being unmasked, distanced, and outdoors was a possibility. With that in mind, we staged and filmed a socially distanced production. Given the timing of current events and the content of the piece, the process became explorative, therapeutic, and a welcome return to something familiar. 

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