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American Idiot

By Billie Joe Armstrong and Michael Mayer

Encore Theatrical Company, 2019

Director: Mike Howard

Assistant Director: Hannah Williams

Choreographer: Daniel Lineberger

Assistant Choreographer: Paige Mattocks

Stage Manager: Kim Smith

Assistant Stage Manager: Angela Minnick

Music Director: Wayne Stambaugh

Vocal Director: Yolanda Treece

Costume Design: Donna Belisle

Production Photos: Ashley Lodge Photography

This new musical follows the exhilarating journey of a new generation of young Americans, led by friends Johnny, Tunny and Will, as they struggle to find meaning in a post-9/11 world, borne along by Green Day's electrifying score. When the three disgruntled men flee the constraints of their hometown for the thrills of city life, their paths are quickly estranged when Tunny enters the armed forces, Michael is called back home to attend familial responsibilities, and Johnny's attention becomes divided by a seductive love interest and a hazardous new friendship. This high-octane show includes every song from Green Day's album American Idiot.


From Hannah: This was my first real world exploration into directing. When I joined this rehearsal process, I found the heart of the show was missing. American Idiot is, on the surface, a musical that's angry and screaming - but that's not what it's about, not really. These are people searching as hard as they can, in their own ways, for that last shred of hope. As we started focusing on the love and the hope of these people rather than just their rage, the story came to life. The rage will be there; it's written that way. The love is what we have to make sure the audience gets. That's what colors our story.

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